Our expertise ranges from the top of the web development stack through middleware and enterprise integration and down to infrastructure. We are comfortable at all levels but love developing elegant web interfaces that harness the power of new client-side UI and peer-to-peer technologies. We are excited by cloud technologies that are powering decentralized architectures and facilitating novel social applications. View some of our recent projects »

Web application development

We're steeped in the web. We're fond of Rails and Sinatra, but have experience with many web frameworks. We have worked heavily with JavaScript-driven user interfaces, especially as our tool of choice for the mobile platform.

Mobile development

We develop for Android and iOS using PhoneGap and modern HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.

System integration

We've plugged a lot of software together big and small. We've implemented integrations for Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, SAG WebMethods, Active Directory / OpenLDAP, JASIG uPortal, Kuali Rice

Bespoke software development

We can tackle problems that don't fit the standard boxes. Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, client, server. Examples include: custom Apache httpd modules, server side scripting, custom Confluence plugins.

Kuali consulting

We have been involved with the core Kuali Rice middleware product from the beginning. From hands-on contribution to implementation, enterprise integration, upgrades and custom application development, we are well versed with this middleware that is the foundation for all Kuali applications. We have assisted in KFS implementation with a focus on supporting data conversion processes and environment provisioning.

A few highlights of our work with Kuali products:

  • EDocLite and RIA/PDF implementation
  • Deployment and operations for stage, test, and development environments
  • Kerberos single-sign-on and LDAP-based identity management integrations
  • Sophisticated concurrent multi-document spawning for complex application workflow
  • Maven War Overlay mechanism for customization
  • Maven-based application development framework for rapid developer ramp-up and increased productivity with KNS.
  • Jenkins automation and provisioning process


a consortium of higher education institutions building a community and a set of open source administrative applications to serve higher education, as an alternative to one-size-fits-all commercial offerings which are ill-suited for the unique needs of academia.

Kuali products include the flagship Kuali Financial System, the Kuali Coeus research administration application, and a student records system.